Mending Fences: A Desire for Better Neighbors


Reducing the Sun’s Heat in Your Home

Whether you are starting new home construction or you’re just looking for a way to maximize your home’s heating and cooling, the best place to start is to look up – toward the sun, that is. The sun generates a lot of heat that is rarely used to its potential by most homeowners. When you […]

3 Ways to Care for Your Comic Book Collection

Taking care of your comic book collection the proper way will allow you to enjoy each issue in the future and share them with other collectors you know. The following tips will help you set up an attractive area to show them off, while keeping them preserved.  Use Polyester Film Bags Put on a pair […]

Getting The Most Out Of Mulching

Mulching is important for both the look and health of gardens. But just as different plants like different amounts of sunlight and water, different beds do best with different types of mulch. By matching your mulch to the type of garden you have, you can make sure you’re doing the best for your plants. Wood […]

5 Crucial Repairs For Older Homes

A home is the most expensive purchase most people make. Even if your home is decades old, you still feel pride of ownership and want to do all you can to preserve its structural and resale value. For a home you can enjoy for many more decades to come, take the time to address important […]

How To Use Retaining Wall Blocks In Your Yard

There are many ways to control erosion in your yard. Of course, the best way might depend on the slope and amount of moisture your yard receives. No matter what type of yard you have or what climate you live in, you will find that simple, small retaining walls can help control erosion. They can […]

Pipe And Appliance Enhancement For Older Homes

If you’re living in a home that’s been around for longer than 50 years, there could be a lot of outdated design that slows down the way your home works for you. From energy-saving and cost-cutting electrical design to plumbing, there are a lot of things that you can take advantage of to make things […]