Mending Fences: A Desire for Better Neighbors


Can I Refinish My Wood Floor?

Hardwood floors offer natural strength and durability, making them a solid choice for homeowners who prefer low-maintenance materials. Despite wood’s strength, however, it can develop scratches, dents and worn spots after years of frequent use and abuse. Refinishing — a process where the floor is sanded and recoated — can eliminate these signs of wear […]

Sprinkler Maintenance And Its Effect On A Well Pump

A continued cycle of heating and cooling can be hard on a well pump. Thus, you should inspect your home’s plumbing and your sprinkler system for leaks that can drain your pressure tank and cause cycling.  An Overview of Well Pump Operation Your pump does not come on every time you open the faucet, turn […]

How To Mask Off And Paint Your Exterior Walls

Painting the exterior of your home is a great investment. It will increase the value of your property by instantly boosting your curb appeal. The key to successfully painting your exterior is masking off. In fact, masking and taping off will take longer than actually painting the walls. This article will explain how to tape […]

Is There Arsenic In My Well Water?

Arsenic is widely used as a poison, and many homeowners are alarmed to discover that it may be present in their well water. What can you do if your well water tests positive for arsenic, and can you remove it? Those questions and more will be addressed in the article below. Arsenic: What is It? […]

Prevent Basement Flooding With Exterior Drain Tile

While interior drain tile might be the standard material used when trying to waterproof basements, exterior drain tile tends to be the best for intercepting and draining all of the ground water before the water has a chance to make it inside your basement. Regardless of what caused the groundwater in the first place, exterior […]