Mending Fences: A Desire for Better Neighbors


Prevent Basement Flooding With Exterior Drain Tile

While interior drain tile might be the standard material used when trying to waterproof basements, exterior drain tile tends to be the best for intercepting and draining all of the ground water before the water has a chance to make it inside your basement. Regardless of what caused the groundwater in the first place, exterior […]

Bathrooms That Work For Multigenerational Families

Homes that have more than one generation under one roof are still very common in the US. In fact, one in six Americans lives in a multigenerational home. Creating living spaces that work well for all of the generations that live in a home can be difficult. Ederly family members often have different needs than […]

Reducing the Sun’s Heat in Your Home

Whether you are starting new home construction or you’re just looking for a way to maximize your home’s heating and cooling, the best place to start is to look up – toward the sun, that is. The sun generates a lot of heat that is rarely used to its potential by most homeowners. When you […]

3 Ways to Care for Your Comic Book Collection

Taking care of your comic book collection the proper way will allow you to enjoy each issue in the future and share them with other collectors you know. The following tips will help you set up an attractive area to show them off, while keeping them preserved.  Use Polyester Film Bags Put on a pair […]