My Purchase Of Replacement Windows In Portland OR

25 November 2013
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


My husband and I purchased an older home that we had plans to remodel. It was very livable at the moment in the condition it was in; however, it was very outdated and worn. Our plan was to live in it while we remodeled it room by room. The first area we were interested in was the kitchen and dining area. We established that the wall structure was fine, but that we wanted replacement windows in Portland OR where the house was located. The existing windows were not energy efficient, nor were they attractive. I went online to look at the possibilities for replacement windows in Portland OR. This was quite a fun experience because of the exciting choices. I made my choice of purchasing windows that could be opened from the middle out instead of the traditional sliding type. I choose one sliding type door and window combination for the area that would lead out to the back patio. I also chose one sky light to be placed in the kitchen area. I liked the idea of natural sun light lighting up the room. I entered in all of the dimensions for the window spaces, and was informed that my windows would be available for installation in two weeks.