To Drop In Or Spray On: Which Truck Bed Liner Should You Go For?

17 December 2014
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Virtually every truck owner finds himself facing the dilemma of whether to spray on or drop in a truck bed liner. Whether you are hauling slabs or simply carrying groceries, your truck bed is bound to take a beating over time. Opting to install a bed liner from a place like Jack's Bumpers offers your truck added protection against any rusting, gouging or scratching. The type of liner you go for will have a big impact on how your truck ages and what you can use it for.

Drop in liners offer significantly different protection to spray on liners, so you should consider the type of protection you are looking for before going ahead with the decision to choose either. Here is a detailed comparison of both bed liners, giving you the pros and cons of each type so you can make an informed decision when choosing a liner for your truck bed.

Drop In Bed liners

Drop in bed liners offer a convenient solution to your truck protection problems, giving your truck a strong and rigid plastic cover that attaches to your truck bed. Drop in liners are custom fitted to your truck and can be easily and quickly installed onto or under your bed rail to offer protection from scratching and denting. If you regularly transport sharp objects that can gouge your truck, this type of liner would suit you best.

You also get the flexibility to easily remove the liner if you wish to sell the truck or want to clean the truck bed. However you may encounter certain problems such as noisy shifting of the bed liner which can scrape off paint making the truck bed more vulnerable to rusting. Thought they are water tight, drop in liners can leave a little bit of space where water or sand can get trapped inside the truck bed, leading to significant damage.

Spray on Bed Liner

This is a watertight and airtight spray that is applied to the truck bed to protect it from scratching and rusting. The main benefit of a spray on liner is that it can be applied onto any truck regardless of its make, model or size, and it offers more durability as it adheres permanently to the truck bed. By installing a spray on liner, you will be sacrificing the flexibility of being able to remove the protective cover at any time and you will also get light-weight protection that can be damaged by sharp objects.  However, you will get better moisture and rust protection as well as less noise and weight to the truck.