Luxury Choices For Designing A Master Bathroom Oasis

15 January 2015
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The design of your master bath is important. You'll be spending a lot of time in that space, and there are many tasks that need to get accomplished there. However, master bathrooms are not meant to be utilitarian alone. They afford you the opportunity to design a luxurious area in which you actually enjoy spending time. The following tips will help you create an oasis in your master bath.

Tile Work

The tile you choose for your master bathroom drives the rest of the design. If you're channeling an oasis in your bath, select tiles in hues of blue, green and tan. One option is selecting patterned tiles with those target colors. Another option is having them laid in a mosaic. One particularly attractive design for the shower stall is having the mosaic laid in a waterfall design, starting with deep blue tiles at the top and fading to white at the bottom.

Spa-Like Upgrades

As you plan your master bath, consider adding spa-style upgrades such as a spa panel, built-in seating or even a steam bath. In fact, there's no reason you can't add all three.

The spa panel is a luxury for your shower. Select several shower options such as a rain shower head, body jets or hand-held shower wand. While not part of the spa panel, a steam generator transforms your shower stall into a steam bath.

Whatever your water choices, a very useful addition to your shower is built-in seating. For the most cohesive results, have the seat built out of the same tile as the rest of the shower.

Shower Enclosure

The enclosure for your shower may not be first on your mind, but it is integral to the success of your bathroom's ambience. Rimless glass shower enclosures allows you to showcase your tile work. However, pebbled or frosted glass may be more to your taste if privacy is a concern. If you don't want the shower doors taking up space, consider having glass panels mounted on decorative rollers.

If you're planning on installing a steam generator to transform your shower into a steam bath, extra considerations need to be made for the enclosure. According to This Old House, the stall needs to be steam proof. As such, the shower glass enclosure must feature the proper seals to keep the steam inside the stall.

Design a bathroom that feels like an oasis of calm in your busy day. Luxury options such as a spa panel, custom tile work and a shower glass enclosure are the keys to success in your master bath design.