Pipe And Appliance Enhancement For Older Homes

30 January 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you're living in a home that's been around for longer than 50 years, there could be a lot of outdated design that slows down the way your home works for you. From energy-saving and cost-cutting electrical design to plumbing, there are a lot of things that you can take advantage of to make things better. A few inspection points can help you find the areas that need improvement and work towards enhancing your home's plumbing.

Pipe Gauge And Direction With New Materials

Many older homes use iron pipes that are much smaller and more rigid in design than newer homes. A lot of scientific research has gone into not only more affordable pipe materials, but the best way to angle a pipe for optimum water flow.

A lot of the water flow design comes from taking advantage of gravity and other forces. There's a limited amount of space inside plumbing areas, so the pipes need to twist, turn and point in the right direction to push, pull and flush water at a higher weight.

Pipe manufacturing has changed as recycling and synthetic materials make pipes cheaper. With a lower cost, wider and more elegant and complex pipe designs can be made via computer design and affordably tested.

You can choose brass pipes at wider sizes or gauges to reduce the amount of waste that gets stuck when it accidentally falls into a sink. PVC--a type of plastic--can be used to transfer waste water for a long distance without a massive investment. 

Enhance Flow With Convenient Appliances

Pipes aren't the only thing that can help your water flow. There are a few appliances that can help you either with the water flow itself or with other convenience functions to make life easier.

The garbage disposal is one such device. Not only does it make life easier by destroying food into an easily drained pulp; a garbage disposal can clean pipes as it works. The twisting vortex created by a disposal unit is an excellent advantage.

When food is destroyed in a garbage disposal, you should have the water on to make the job easier--a notice placed on most garbage disposal units. When the water enters the pipes, the vortex force and pulped food can scrape against the pipe surface. Previous solidified waste can be cleaned off easier, and you can even pour hot water and cleaning materials to enhance the cleaning.

Clogs will be less likely if you use the right garbage disposal. There are many different models ranging from low power to finely mincing, nearly liquefying destruction capabilities. Contact plumbers (like Armstrong Services Inc) with experience in upgrading old homes to assess your home's needs.