How To Use Retaining Wall Blocks In Your Yard

5 February 2015
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There are many ways to control erosion in your yard. Of course, the best way might depend on the slope and amount of moisture your yard receives. No matter what type of yard you have or what climate you live in, you will find that simple, small retaining walls can help control erosion. They can also help you to design a more functional, healthy and stylish landscaping on your property. This article explains how to build basic retaining walls in your home with retaining wall blocks.

Using the Retaining Wall Blocks

Retaining wall blocks are simple and easy to use. They are similar to standard bricks, except that they are specifically designed notches that allow them to be stacked more easily. They are very popular because you can install them without using any mortar. These blocks simply stack on top of each other, then you fill them in with soil. As the soil settles it makes the wall even stronger.

Perhaps the best thing about these walls is that they are very durable, yet they are easy to alter and change down the road. As you update your landscaping, you can adjust your walls to fit your needs. Over time, root systems can grow to become so large that you need to expand the retaining area. It is not too difficult to dig up your wall and simply expand it if there is not mortar. This is the beauty of retaining wall blocks. Likewise, if you find that you need a stronger wall or more soil for a large tree, you can simply add a couple extra rows to the top of your wall and then fill it in with more soil.

Controlling the Erosion in Your Yard

When it comes to erosion control, the small retaining walls can be very useful if you build a tiered system. These are great for sloped yards where water runoff can often over-hydrate one part of your yard, and under-hydrate another part of your yard. With the tiered system you can regulate your watering and ensure that each area in your lawn or landscaping gets the right type of fertilizer.

You can have fun with your landscaping and design retaining walls that are both functional and stylish. In the long run, it will make it much easier to plant different types of plants, flowers, bushes, grasses and trees in your yard. If you have questions about installing a retaining wall in your yard, contact a company that specializes in erosion control, such as Specialty Construction Supply.