Six Good Reasons To Have Your Dead Tree Stumps Removed

10 February 2015
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While it may be tempting to set a flower pot on your old tree stump and call it "garden chic," leaving your old tree stumps in place is not necessarily a wise choice. That old tree stump in your yard is not only unattractive, it can be a haven for insects and even damage your foundation. In fact, there are plenty of good reasons to get rid of that old tree stump.

1. To make your property look more attractive. No matter how you decorate them, tree stumps in your yard are ugly. Since tree stumps often still have an extensive root system underground, they can still send up shoots, making the stump even more unsightly.

2. You won't draw termites and other potentially damaging insects to your property. Termites thrive on damp organic matter, so a dead tree stump is pretty irresistible to them. While it may not seem like a big deal to have termites in your yard, these insects can quickly make the jump from the tree stump to the support beams in your home.

3. Safety. Tree stumps can be hazardous to small children playing in your yard. They can also disable your lawn mower pretty quickly if you accidentally run into one while cutting your lawn. At best, they are a nuisance to navigate around when you're mowing or weeding the yard.

4. To free up space. Tree stumps take up a lot of room that could be better used by installing a swing set for the kids, a secret garden for meditation or a picnic area for the family.

5. To help keep plant diseases out of your garden. Tree stumps not only attract bugs, they can also be a source of fungus and plant diseases that can easily spread to the healthy perennials, shrubs and trees in your garden.

6. To save the roots from damaging your home. As a tree stump still often has live roots, it can still damage your foundation, water lines and septic tank if allowed to remain in place.

While you may think that you can easily live with that old tree stump (and save money), that benefits of removing the stump from your home far outweigh the initial cost. In fact, a small investment now could save you money on possible damages caused by the stump. Contact a reputable stump removal company in your area such as C S Flournoy Inc today, and enjoy having a stump-free yard.