3 Ways to Care for Your Comic Book Collection

20 March 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Taking care of your comic book collection the proper way will allow you to enjoy each issue in the future and share them with other collectors you know. The following tips will help you set up an attractive area to show them off, while keeping them preserved. 

Use Polyester Film Bags

Put on a pair of rubber gloves Wipe each comic book off with a lint-free cloth to remove dust and fingerprints. Place the books  in clear, polyester film bags that seal by hand. Using this type of bag will make it easy for you to access your collection when you would like to view some of the issues. Bags are sold at hobby shops. Polyester will prevent your comic books from being exposed to moisture which could cause the pages to yellow.

Placing a piece of cardboard under each comic book before putting it in a bag will make it easy for you to prop them up if you are going to be putting them on display.

Use a Display Case with LED Light Strips

Place your collection in a display case that contains several shelves. Add an LED light strip to each row so that your comic books can be seen clearly when you are showing them to others. LED light strips operate at low energy levels and are easy to install.

Many brands can be attached directly to the display case. They contain a self-adhesive backing. Light strips are also sold that are waterproof. After affixing each strip to the case you are using, plug them into a an electrical outlet. Prop each comic book up against a book stand inside of the case. Resources like Elliott Bay Metal Fabricating Inc. could help you design the display case.

Provide Proper Ventilation & No Sunlight

Although the polyester film bags will block moisture from entering, it is still a wise idea to keep the books stored in a ventilated area. Turning on a fan or opening the windows on hot days will help keep air flowing in the room that the comic books are stored in. Never move your display case to an area that comes into contact with direct sunlight. Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause your books to yellow and diminish their value. 

Continue caring for your collection by dusting them off on occasion and making sure that each bag that they are in is sealed. Your comic books will look great and may increase in value in the future. You will be able to continue sharing them with others for many years.