Four Benefits Of Using Barrel Blanket Heaters On Your Construction Site

15 April 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


You may have considered using barrel blanket heaters in the past, but aren't sure they are right for you. As you take on a new project, you may feel now is the time to make a final decision. Before you decide to overlook a barrel blanket heater option, consider the benefits. Here are four benefits that may help you decide if this option is ideal for you, or if you need to keep looking.

Consistent Temperature

One of the biggest benefits contractors find when using barrel blanket heaters is the consistent temperature they can provide. The consistency can prevent scorching or burning of the materials contained in the barrel. This means less waste on the site, which saves you from expensive purchases to buy replacement material.

Temperature Control

Depending on the materials you use, you may need different temperature settings. This may leave you thinking that you need to purchase several blankets, one for each temperature range. The truth is, most blankets actually have adjustable temperature controls. This means you can set the temperature based on the material you are using and keep costs down by ordering the same blanket in bulk rather than different blankets that could increase your costs.

Automatic Thermostatic Shutdown

Even on the most careful work sites, you may have a time when someone forgets to shut off all the drum heaters or barrel warmers. This can lead to serious issues ranging from burnt and unusable material to fires. If you are concerned about this, then a blanket may be ideal. Most blankets are equipped with a thermostatic shutdown. This means that the blanket will stop warming after a specified duration or if the temperature exceeds a certain level.

Adjustable Sizes

The final thing that may be keeping you from purchasing a blanket style barrel heater is the size. If you use a variety of drum sizes on the site, this could be a huge issue for you. The truth is, most of the available styles of blanket heaters are adjustable. This allows you to fit them for a variety of sizes. You can usually find a size chart from the manufacturer or simply notify your construction suppliers of the size range you need.

These are just a few of the benefits you can gain from using a blanket style barrel or drum heater. If you are ready to purchase, contact your construction supply warehouse or dealer.