2 Simple Fixes To Try When Your Garage Door Is Making Strange Noises

30 April 2015
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If your garage door is making strange noises whenever you use it, there could be a simple solution to the problem. Before you call a professional to look at it, try the following fixes to see if you can fix it yourself.  

Banging Sound When Your Door Opens And Closes

Whenever you open and close the garage door, you may hear a banging noise. If the door also vibrates, and the noise is coming from the middle, the center support bar may have come loose. 

Look at the bar to see what type of anchors are used. If screws hold it on the door, you will need a screwdriver that matches the heads. Starting at the top, tighten every screw as you work your way down.

However, if the bar is held on by welding points, you will not be able to fix it yourself. You will need to call a professional to repair or replace the bar for you.

Squealing From The Sides As The Door Moves

You may have noticed a squealing or squeaking coming from the sides of the garage door whenever it moves. This could mean that the rollers have either rusted or become worn down. 

If the bars running through the rollers appear rusted, you will need a small bottle of machine oil or 3-in-1 oil. Place one drop on both sides of the roller. Then, move the garage door up and down a couple of times to thoroughly coat it.

If the noises have not stopped after adding lubrication, carefully inspect the rollers. After extensive use, the rubber's surface may have become worn down. When this happens, the traction needed to pull the door open and closed decreases, causing a slick surface that rubs on the metal tracks and makes the squealing noise.

When the rollers are worn down, you can try to replace them yourself. Loosen the screw on one side of the bar holding the roller in place. Remove the roller and take it to a hardware or home improvement center to find the exact match, purchasing one for each roller on the door.

After you have the rollers, replace the original one with a new one. Tighten the screw on the bar and repeat the removal and replacement for each one. Test the door to see if the noises have stopped.

After using the above tips, you may still hear noises. If so, you may want to contact a contractor who specializes in garage door repair so they can inspect your door and discuss what repairs need to be made to quieten the door and have it working smoothly again.