Bathrooms That Work For Multigenerational Families

15 June 2015
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Homes that have more than one generation under one roof are still very common in the US. In fact, one in six Americans lives in a multigenerational home. Creating living spaces that work well for all of the generations that live in a home can be difficult. Ederly family members often have different needs than children and toddlers when it comes to certain spaces. One space that can require special consideration in a multigenerational home is the bathroom. While everyone having their own bathroom that suits their needs may be ideal, in reality bathroom spaces are often shared by multiple family members. Creating a bathroom that works for everyone can take some work, but it is possible.

Children and Toddlers

Bath time for children and toddlers can be exasperating. This is why making a bathroom kid friendly is very important. The easier it is for them to use, the smoother bath time will go. In any bathroom children, storage is key. Enough storage to put away toys when they are not in use is very important. Another thing that is essential when designing a bathroom that is used by children is the sink height. If children have trouble reaching the sink, they may be less likely to brush their teeth and wash their hands. This is where features such as lift out steps at the vanity are important. 

The Elderly

In a multigenerational home with ederly family members, creating a safe bathroom is very important. The bathroom is a very common area for slips and falls. This makes it a potentially dangerous space for older family members. Floors should use materials that are as anti-slip as possible. Step in showers are better than bathtubs for the elderly and grab bars should be installed in areas such as the shower and near the toilet.

Everyone Else

With all of the considerations that need to be made for young and old family members, those in the middle may feel like an afterthought. Bathrooms that are suited for children and the elderly may not be the most stylish spaces. However, there are a few design choices that can be made to please those who fall in the middle of a multigenerational household. Features such as frameless shower enclosures, which can be installed by professional companies like California Reflections, work for all generations but are updated and modern looking. Things like granite countertops and high end lighting also add to the appeal of the bathroom and are appropriate for all generations.

Creating a bathroom that works well for multiple generations can be a challenge. The bathroom must be safe for all ages and still look nice. By considering safety first and then adding design elements that work for everyone, a great bathroom for all generations can be created.