Prevent Basement Flooding With Exterior Drain Tile

26 June 2015
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While interior drain tile might be the standard material used when trying to waterproof basements, exterior drain tile tends to be the best for intercepting and draining all of the ground water before the water has a chance to make it inside your basement. Regardless of what caused the groundwater in the first place, exterior tile can handle it all. From an overflowing gutter to overwatering your shrubs, a torrential downpour or a misplaced downspout, you can turn to these tiles to get rid of the excess water for you. Let's delve into how it is installed to gain an understanding of how it all works.   

It all starts with digging.

To begin the installation process, you need a good, sturdy shovel for digging. You need a trench all the way around the foundation of your home right down to your footings. The trench should only be a few inches wide. You really only need enough space for the PVC pipe to fit into the trench. Plan on the process taking up an extensive amount of space outside.

Time to lay the washed gravel.

Essentially, washed gravel is just like the name implies. It is gravel that has been washed off to leave it with a clean exterior for use. Once the trench is dug, you need to lay down the washed gravel all along the bottom of your newly dug trench. You also need a long piece of PVC pipe that can wrap around the perimeter of your home and filtration fabric that can fully encase your pipe. Wrap the pipe in the filtration fabric. Now, install the pipe in a continual loop all along your foundation.

As the sump pump grabs all of the water that has pooled in the sump basin, which is where the water is stored in your home until the pump starts pulling it out, it pushes the water outside of your home where it can safely be disposed of. Grab some more washed gravel and lay it on the pipe to help ensure proper drainage. Fill the trench with soil until it is all the way full and level with the ground.

Don't forget about protecting against possible seepage.

Seepage is always a possibility. Whenever the tile is installed, it is always best to lay a waterproof membrane down at the same time to protect your foundation wall. If you wait until later and try to take care of it, you will end up spending a lot more money because you will have to remove the dirt and gravel to access the trench.

By installing the exterior drain tiles (through professionals such as those from Rite-Way Waterproofing), you can prevent your basement from becoming a swimming pool. In doing so, you will eliminate the formation of mold and other damaging agents. Taking the time to do it right the first time will save you a lot of hassle in the end.