How To Mask Off And Paint Your Exterior Walls

28 July 2015
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Painting the exterior of your home is a great investment. It will increase the value of your property by instantly boosting your curb appeal. The key to successfully painting your exterior is masking off. In fact, masking and taping off will take longer than actually painting the walls. This article will explain how to tape off your exterior walls so the paint does not get all over your doors, windows, vents, and floors.

Taping Off The Door And Window Fixtures

First, you need to cover the window and door fixtures. Apply the tape to the outer edge of the window and door fixtures. Use a lightweight painter's plastic to cover the windows completely. You want to create a perfect seal, to protect the glass from overspray. Using a wider painter's tape (over 2") will give you a stronger seal and support the weight of the plastic. The plastic is lightweight, but it could be problematic if the wind kicks up.

Masking Off The Ground

Even if you are not particularly worried about protecting the concrete pathways and dirt around the perimeter of your walls, you will want to put something down to cover them. Using large rolls of painter's paper is the best solution because it will absorb paint and help it to dry quicker. Using plastic on the ground is a bad idea because it will remain wet and there will be a bigger risk of you tracking it all around.

Painting With A Spray Gun

Painting with a spray gun is actually quite easy. Even if you do not own a professional pneumatic gun, you can easily rent and learn how to use one in no time. You might want to practice on a large piece of scrap wood before you start spraying your walls. You need to get familiar with the flow and thickness of the paint. You also need to learn how far you should be from the wall when painting. Every gun operator has a difference preference for different jobs, so it is best to just practice.

Most importantly, you should always keep the gun moving from side to side as you paint. Never point the gun in one spot and spray or else you run the risk of drips. With a little bit of practice, you will be able to paint your exterior walls like a pro.

This smart and affordable remodel is a great upgrade to make, especially if you are planning to sell your home soon. If you need help with the job, consider contacting a professional. A company like AAA Action Painting may be able to meet your needs.