3 Factors To Consider In Custom Tube Bending

4 August 2015
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Whether you're trying to set up a permanent oil and gas pipeline or merely improve a small component of your manufacturing operation, a professional tube bending firm can provide an important service that will lock in the products that you desire. However, before you start dreaming up the exciting possibilities for your job, it's important that you develop a reasonable understanding of the restrictions on that bending.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the factors that govern success in tube bending. Keeping these restrictions in mind will help guarantee that you don't design products that will be impossible to produce, and will also allow you to develop a more successful and open relationship with your tube bending firm.


Ultimately, the success of a tube bending project is measured in the fidelity to the original design and the structural integrity of the finished product. If either of those two characteristics is compromised, it's likely that frustration will set in. The diameter of the tube being bent goes a long way toward determining characteristics.

Most tube bending projects come from a desire to more efficiently deliver fluid from one location to another. When considering the diameter of the tube to be used, you have to accept that you're balancing the rate of flow with the sharpness of the bend, and you may find yourself having to decrease the tube diameter in order to meet your space restrictions.


As mentioned above, structural integrity after the bend goes a long way toward determining whether a project is successful. The thickness of a tube can assist with that integrity, as thick and strong materials may be more likely to absorb additional stress.

Keep in mind, however, that a very thick tube may also be less flexible than a thinner selection. This could have the potential to allow micro fractures to develop, which could blossom into more serious issues after repeated use, and should be considered as a serious warning factor.

Bend Radius

Ultimately, the success of your tube bending project will be hard to guarantee if you have unreasonable space expectations. Every tube composed of different characteristics can only be successfully bent to a given radius, and you need to be aware of those restrictions. Working with your bending firm prior to drawing up your construction plans can help guarantee that you minimize the bend radius and put yourself in a position to have as compact an environment as you desire.

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