Sprinkler Maintenance And Its Effect On A Well Pump

10 August 2015
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A continued cycle of heating and cooling can be hard on a well pump. Thus, you should inspect your home's plumbing and your sprinkler system for leaks that can drain your pressure tank and cause cycling. 

An Overview of Well Pump Operation

Your pump does not come on every time you open the faucet, turn on the shower, or run your sprinklers. Instead, your pump forces water into a holding tank, also known as a pressure tank. A gauge on this tank triggers your pump to kick on every time the pressure reaches a preset lower limit. The pump will then run until the pressure in the tank reaches the upper limit, at which point, the gauge will send a signal for the pump to shut off. 

How Leaks Cause Problems

When you have leaks in your home's plumbing, the pressure in your tank will fall until it triggers the pump to kick on. As soon as your pump fills the tank, the pressure immediately starts to fall, and you end up with constant cycling. The more often your pump has to shut on and off, the more damage your pump incurs. Also, if you put too much demand on the water table, you can deplete the aquifer to the point that your pump is no longer submerged, and if your pump starts pumping air, it can burn up, requiring you to buy a new pump in order to get water to your house. In other words, its better to patch the leak than to risk unnecessary damage to your pump.

Signs of Leaks in Your Sprinkler System

One of the most common places to find leaks is at your sprinkler valves. Check your boxes, and if you find one that is filled with water you have a problem. Check the connections between your valves and your sprinkler lines. If water is leaking at one of these connections, you will either need to tighten or replace your clamps in order to get a good seal. Also, if you find that water is constantly draining from your sprinkler heads, then you should take that as a sign that your sprinkler valves are not closing all the way. You will need to disassemble the valves and clean the rubber diaphragm in order to get your sprinklers working again. 

A misbehaving sprinkler system can really cause problems for a well pump. Vigilantly inspecting your sprinkler system for signs of leaks will help you to prolong the life of your pump and thus keep your repair and replacement costs down. Visit Mike's Pump and Well Service LLC for more information about well pumps.