Tips For Frugally Remodeling The Bathroom In Your 1970's Era Ranch Home

4 September 2015
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If your 1970's era ranch home is in desperate need of a bathroom remodel, then you will be happy to learn that there are many things you can do to improve the look of the space without the high costs of a complete bathroom remodeling job.

Follow these tips to remodel your home's bathroom like a professional:

Remove All Wallpaper

Nothing makes a bathroom look more dated than wallpaper. Not only does wallpaper create a dated feel, but it is also one of the most personal types of wall coverings. While most people enjoy the look of a clean, well-painted wall, wallpaper is much more subjective.

Additionally, if you plan to list your home for sale, wallpaper is a turnoff for potential buyers because it can be complicated to remove and can damage the walls in the process.

Turn Dated Items Into Creative Designs

If your home's bathroom still has its original olive green or gold colored bathroom fixtures, then you might want to use them in your design rather than resurfacing or replacing them. Bathroom fixtures from the 1970's were well built, and if your home's are still in good physical condition, then you can leave them in place and decorate around them to minimize their impact as "dated" and increase their impact as "vintage".

To show off your colored fixtures, paint your bathroom with a white, high-gloss paint. The white paint will give the bathroom a fresh and clean feel. It will also allow the colored fixtures to pop with a nice vintage look. Add a couple live plants to additionally soften the look.

Resurface Fixtures Rather Than Replacing Them

If your bathroom's fixtures are in decent shape but their finish has become worn over the years, then you can purchase an inexpensive epoxy paint and resurface them rather than paying the higher costs of replacement.

Epoxy paint can be safely used on all porcelain fixtures and can be applied using a brush, roller, or a paint sprayer. While the results achieved with a sprayer will be the smoothest, you can add a gentle texture to your fixtures if you apply the epoxy refinishing paint with a roller.

Finally, if you are remodeling your home's bathroom in anticipation of listing your home for sale, then you should refinish the fixtures at least a couple of weeks prior to trying to sell your home. Epoxy paint products work very well but they have a strong odor that will be detectable in your home for at least a week after you use it.

If you're not sure where to start with your remodeling project, consider hiring a remodeling company, like Patriot Construction, to help out.