Keep Your Kitchen Drains Clean And Clear With These Three Tips

30 October 2015
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You might not think very much about the drains in your kitchen until they become clogged. To avoid clogs in your kitchen sinks, use the following tips for keeping your drains clean and clear.

Let Hot Water Flow into the Drain after Dishwashing

When you have a clogged drain, sometimes it is due to grease that becomes solid over time and starts to build up in your pipes. You might already be aware that you should avoid pouring bacon grease and leftover cooking oil into your kitchen drain. However, many of the bowls, plates, pots and pans you use may still have a bit of grease or oil on them that might still be going down the drain whenever you wash your dishes.

To prevent any problems, pour hot water into the drain after dishwashing. Hot water can stop grease from solidifying and keep moving it down the drain. You can let hot water run into the drain or use a teapot or coffeemaker to make very hot water.

Put Vinegar Ice Cubes Down the Drain

Another good way to keep the drain clean is to use vinegar ice cubes. To make these cubes, pour white vinegar into an empty ice tray until the compartments are half full. Then, fill the compartments to the top with water. Put the tray into the freezer overnight, and then put them down into the drain. You may have to chop them up a bit so they fit down.

How does this work to keep your drains clean? One of the components of vinegar is acetic acid, which might be able to break down things stuck in the drain. If you have a garbage disposal, vinegar ice cubes can help clean the blades of the disposal as they chop up the cubes.

Avoid Putting Plastic Knives in the Sink

If you are like many people and order delivery food on a regular basis, you might use plastic cutlery often. You may end up tossing plastic forks and knives into your sink without a second thought because you want to wash the pieces and save the cutlery for something else later.

However, you may not realize how easy it is for plastic knives to slip down into your kitchen drain. You might not even notice that a plastic knife is stuck there until you have to call a professional because the drain keeps clogging up.

To avoid this kind of problem, you may want to collect pieces in a mug near the sink or you might just put them in the trash when you no longer need them. You might also want to pick up a kitchen drain basket to prevent cutlery and anything else from going down the drain.

For assistance, talk to a drain cleaner.