Addressing A Couple Of Questions About Issues With Garage Door Springs

25 July 2016
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The primary spring in your garage door is essential for allowing this heavy door to open and close. Unfortunately, these springs can become compromised, which can cause your garage door to experience a number of problems. If you do not have experience with addressing garage door spring issues, you will likely find the following couple of answers to common questions useful.

What Causes A Garage Door Spring To Fail?

There can be a number of reasons for a garage door spring to fail. Often, this issue can be attributed to corrosion. As the spring develops rust, it will become more brittle, which can inhibit its ability to open the door as well as make it more likely to snap or break.

Routine wear and tear can be another common source of problems for this spring. The intense weight of the garage door will gradually cause the spring to lose its elasticity. Poor maintenance can exacerbate this problem by causing the spring to wear more quickly. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you are keeping your garage spring properly lubricated.

Can You Simply Change This Spring On Your Own?

Unfortunately, there are some homeowners that may attempt to repair or replace a compromised garage door spring without hiring professional help. This may not seem like it would be a major repair, but the spring is under immense pressures. These pressures can make the spring likely to snap or come loose. If this were to happen, the person working on the spring could suffer severe injuries, such as lacerations and blunt force trauma, from the force of the impact from the spring. In addition to the threat of injuring yourself, the spring could also damage some of the mechanical parts of the door, which would greatly increase the costs of repairing the door. For these reasons, you should never attempt to repair your garage door spring without hiring a professional. These individuals have special tools that can be used to anchor the spring in place so that they can safely work on it.

Your garage door is likely one of the largest and most complicated parts of your home. However, this large door is controlled by a seemingly small spring. By understanding the reasons that this spring can suffer catastrophic problems and the threats that can come from working this spring yourself, you will be better prepared to have issues with your garage door addressed as quickly as possible. Visit for more information.