Sweet Sweat: Three Steps To Setting Up The Perfect Home Sauna

6 October 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you are interested in adding upgrades to your home, flooring and new countertops are not the only things that you can update. If you enjoy working out and looking good, adding a sauna to your home can be an upgrade that will increase the quality of your life and the quality of your home. Here are three steps to setting up a sauna for personal use in your home. 

Make space on the lowest floor

Many people are interested in putting a sauna inside of their bathroom. While this may be convenient, it is important to remember that a bathroom may not have enough space. If your bathroom is not a very large space, the steam from the sauna may overwhelm the entire restroom. This can make the temperature in your bathroom unstable and encourage mold. Instead, add the sauna outdoors to your backyard patio where it has plenty of space to ventilate. If you prefer to have it indoors, add it into your basement, where there will be colder air to fight off sauna humidity. 

Call a spa construction firm

Have a floor plan and materials plan created by a spa construction company so that you can determine just what materials you need to create your sauna and how it will fit into the current square feet of your home's plan. A spa construction firm will be able to determine how to add the space to your home where you can exercise the proper temperature for the spa without negatively affecting the temperature in the rest of your home. If you will be placing the spa outside, remember to have thicker doors and locks installed that will keep the spa safe for the entire family.

Set up the accessories

If you plan to use your sauna often, you will need to have a number of different accessories to make sauna usage comfortable. Outside of the sauna, set up a wine or beverage cooler that is filled with bottles of water. It will be important to rehydrate during or immediately after your sauna usage to keep your body healthy. Along with water, you will need a number of large towels to lay over the seats of the sauna. In order to keep the sauna clean and enjoyable, laying or sitting inside of the steam room should happen on towels. This will keep sweat and oils off the wood of your sauna, making clean up a breeze. Set up a rack immediately outside of the sauna with large towels for each user to grab before walking inside.