The Pros And Cons Of Granite Countertops In Your Kitchen

16 November 2016
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Granite countertops are a common addition to a new kitchen. If you have been thinking about remodeling the appearance of your home, granite countertops also offer a benefit in funtionality. Not sure what kind of counters to consider? This information about granite countertops is sure to help you make up your mind.

The Advantages of Granite Countertops

First of all, granite countertops raise the value of your kitchen. This means that the value of your home will benefit. If you intend to sell your home in the near future, granite is a terrific upgrade that will impress potential buyers.

Granite is one of the most natural-looking options for your kitchen. If you want to keep your kitchen looking gorgeous without superficial elements, granite does a great job with its simplicity.

This type of counter is also easy to clean. You can clean it easily without being concerned about bacteria lingering to contaminate everything else. Warm water and soap is enough to keep these counters clean and fresh. Plus, granite does a great job of looking its best even if you have slacked on cleaning lately.

You can put heat on the granite countertop without worrying you will break it. Tired of having to use a potholder every time you take something off the stove? You won't have to worry about damage with granite.

The Disadvantages of Granite Countertops

While granite countertops are relatively durable, you may find yourself wanting a change in the future. It is very hard to remove granite countertops from the cabinets themselves, so you may need to remove and replace both at once. Otherwise, you risk damage to your cabinets. Think of granite as a permanent fixture to the cabinets. If the block of granite you use is too heavy, your counters may require that you add extra support as well.

Granite is a costly countertop, and it may require more work to install it than other options. If you are looking for a quick fix, granite is probably not the best option. This countertop requires extensive work to install correctly. You also want to ensure that you hire a team of professionals who understand this.

If hit very hard, it is possible that your countertop can crack. This means you must avoid using a meat cleaver or softener hard against the countertops.

Still on the fence about granite countertops for your kitchen? Ultimately, your goal is to work with your contractor, like those at Salvia Tile & Stone Inc, to create a kitchen you can't wait to use.