Three Creative Ways To Get The Most Out Of A Small Kitchen Space

26 August 2017
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A small kitchen can be a challenge to manage, especially if you own a lot of appliances or are ambitious with some of your recipes, but it doesn't have to be impossible. With efficient use of space and some creative workarounds, you can make your kitchen feel a lot bigger than it actually is — and ensure there's room for everything you need. Some of these tricks require a little handy work, but the benefits are worth it:

Combine What You Can

In a small kitchen, someone locations will have to fulfill more than one role. Many kitchens have retractable cutting boards, but if you don't, buy or make one that will fit over top your sink. That way, when you need to do some cutting and still need counter space, you can give yourself additional space by taking up the sink you aren't using. Alternatively, look into a foldaway table you can bring out when necessary, but store when you don't need it. Next, look at your appliances. Many appliances are built as all-in-ones, like blenders and processors, or toasters and countertop ovens. Rather than having all of these as separate units, buy combo appliances to get that much extra space — and additional outlets — without losing functionality. Finally, use partitions in everything to organize your belongings rather than simply tossing them into drawers; you'll fit much more that way.

Use Your Wall and Ceiling Space

You might think cluttered walls can make a kitchen look smaller, but organizing what you can on your walls can free up plenty of counters and cabinet space. Installing racks on your walls can be a great way to organize your pots and pans, and hooks can hold baking trays and utensils. Hanging baskets are great for holding fruits and vegetables, and you can also keep your larger pots and pants above as well. You can also get a hanging spice rack or a rack for holding wine glasses. If your ceiling is high enough, floating shelves are a good option too. There's plenty you can do with your vertical space, so don't be too determined to keep your walls bare.

Install Better Cabinets and Drawers

Many cabinets are bulky, and drawers that open straight out often don't fit well in small corners. There are a few things you can try to make these doors and drawers less obtrusive and less of a hassle. To start, look at installing cabinet doors that slide open rather than opening outward; this by itself gives you plenty of space, as you don't need to worry about doors bumping into anything — especially each other. Next, if your cabinets are going for style points, see if getting slimmer ones are an option; cabinets that don't stretch out so far can save you a few inches in all directions. Third, replace those annoying corner drawers with drawers that open diagonally. These can be much larger since they have much more space to work with under the counter and take up no extra space at all when closed.

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