Small Animals And Furnace Exhaust Pipes: Why You Need Heating Services To Get Them Out

20 September 2017
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Birds and small animals, such as squirrels, mice, and even baby raccoons, have a tendency to wander into warm places in the cold winter. Older adult animals and bigger animals that will not fit do not. That said, it should not surprise you when one of these little creatures decides to crawl into your furnace exhaust and try to camp out there. However, this is a major problem for you and your home. Here is why, as well as the reasons why you need heating services to get the critter(s) out:

Your Furnace Has an Exhaust for a Reason

Most, if not all, furnaces have an exhaust pipe. It expels the products of ozone and/or burnt fuel out of the home so that the only air you get inside is free of fumes. It can also send some of the dust particles from the system outside as well, which makes the air inside cleaner and more breathable. Lastly, the exhaust pipe pumps cooler air to the outdoors, even though the air is much warmer than it is outside. 

When Animals Take Over

Birds and small animals find the warmth of the furnace exhaust pipe very comforting and cozy. They will fly or scurry in and cozy up to the warmer air every chance they get. When they decide to nest there all winter, the exhaust pipe is blocked. That means that everything that is supposed to go out of this pipe has nowhere to go, and now your furnace is going to choke. Whatever is in the pipe could die too, especially if your furnace is an oil-, gas-, or natural propane-burning furnace. The critters have got to move on.

The HVAC Technician's Job

The HVAC technician has to remove the animal or bird stuck in the exhaust pipe. If the critter is dead, this is a fairly easy process. If it is alive, the animal will be quite confused, stubborn, and even react in a threatening manner. The technician has to be very careful, but at the same time make sure the animal is out. 

Once the exhaust pipe is cleared, the technician can devise a way to keep the pipe open while discouraging any more birds or animals from nesting inside it. Usually, a mesh filter cover for the vent pipe is sufficient. A plug with tiny openings to allow the pipe to vent to the outside works too. 

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