Troubleshooting Your Well Pump: 4 Potential Problems

29 November 2017
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If your home's water comes from a well instead of the city water supply, then you need to make sure that you know how to detect when you have a problem with the well pump. There are minor and major issues with well pumps that you will experience – many of which you can diagnose and repair on your own. Some you will be able to diagnose yourself, but you will still need to call in the professionals to repair them. Regardless, when you are having issues with your water flow, here are four potential reasons:

Problem #1: There's a Loss of Power

Electricity is required for your well pump to operate. Therefore, if there is a power outage in your neighborhood, you will only have the amount of water that is currently in your pressure tank.

If your power hasn't gone out, you could still be experiencing an issue with your water. In this case, it may be a blown breaker. You will want to first check to see if you have a tripped breaker. If so, simply switch it back on. If this does not correct the problem, switch it back off to avoid any further damage and contact a professional for a diagnosis.

Problem #2: There's a Low Water Table

If your area has recently suffered a dry spell or even a drought, your well may not have an adequate amount of water to supply water to your home. The primary signs of this being your problem will be spitting or sputtering of water from your home's faucet, an off-taste to your drinking water, or muddy-looking water. These things may be temporary, or it may be that your pump needs to be placed deeper into the ground to draw water from the water table.

Problem #3: Your Pump Is of Inadequate Size

Your water pump needs to be sized for the water use of your household. The pump's size will be determined by your home's plumbing system size – specifically by the number of water appliances in the home, number of faucets, etc.

If the pump is not properly sized, this is where problems can arise, and water will not make it into the home. If your home is not getting water, contact a professional to ensure that your pump is of adequate size for your home's water use.

Problem #4: Your Water Pump Is Being Overworked

In addition to the water pump being a certain size, the pressure tank also needs to be sized specifically for your household's water usage. In doing so, the water pump won't have to work so hard. When the pump has to cycle on and off multiple times a day, it will become overworked and be more likely to break down than if it were to simply pump water into the home a few times throughout the day.

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