Choosing The Best Coatings For Safety Inside Your Commercial Shop

23 March 2018
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Painting is not one of those tasks that a lot of people look forward to, so avoid doing it more often than you have to by choosing great paint that will last. In a commercial setting, durability is important but the colors used can also be important. Properly marking areas with paint should be a consideration and not an afterthought when you are taking the time to paint inside your shop or facility.

Choosing Paint or Coatings For Your Facility

Just how often do you want to paint? High traffic areas of your facility can be heavily affected and the paint you choose for those areas can be really important. Floors can be one of the hardest things to paint and make last. Even a good paint can wear quickly under foot and machine traffic so getting the best quality paint is important. You might also want to take the time to look at the areas of your facility that will be marked for safety purposes so you can get paint for them. Yellow and red are common colors for industrial coatings, but grays are also used heavily in commercial applications. 

Marking Fire Safety Areas

While you are painting, take the time to mark areas that need to be kept clear like areas around standpipes and fire extinguishers. The most common way to do this is to paint the floor around the equipment in bright red paint. It will indicate that there is safety equipment there and it will also mark the area as prohibited for storage of anything. Check with your local code enforcement office to determine the size of the area that should be marked off and to determine if any signage is required.

Marking Traffic Areas

If you have machines moving around inside your plant, marking areas on the floor to indicate vehicle and foot traffic lanes can make movement through the plant safer. In some commercial properties there is a lot of forklift movement and when people and equipment have to share the same space, safety is always a concern. Marking lanes with yellow lines on the floor can help. Mark off an area for foot traffic and make sure everyone understands where they should be walking and where they should not be.

Marking Other Areas

Often things like electrical panels, medical equipment, and eyewash stations are marked in industrial settings as well. Green is often used to mark medical equipment and yellow or red for those electrical boxes. Once all these areas are marked, be sure to explain to people what the markings mean and the expectation for them is. Without training, these colorful areas are just decoration and nothing more.