4 Fencing Choices For An Elegant Custom Fence That Lasts For Years

6 May 2018
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If you want to install a new fence for your home, there are many different choices of materials, such as chain link, wood and aluminum fencing materials. Some of these materials are more affordable than others, and some require more maintenance. You want to have a custom fence that looks elegant and is low maintenance. Here are some great choices for a new custom fence with materials that last.

1. Affordable Vinyl Fencing for New Custom Fences

If you are looking for an affordable material to use for your new fence, vinyl fencing materials give you many options. These can be basic picket fence designs that are easy to install, or they can be vinyl panels that create a solid privacy fence. Vinyl gives you many different choices of custom fence designs that are low-cost and easy to install. Vinyl materials are a low-maintenance fencing choice, but they are vulnerable to damage from being struck or exposure to direct sunlight.

2. Aluminum Fencing Choices for Custom Metal Fences

Aluminum materials are another great choice if you are looking for a fence that gives you a custom look at an affordable price. The aluminum fencing systems that are available today give you a choice of rod iron fence appearance at a much lower cost. There are also other designs that give you privacy with panels or wood fence appearance. Aluminum will require a minimal amount of maintenance to ensure it lasts for years to come.

3. Personalized Custom Fencing Choices with Rod Iron Fencing

Rod iron is a great choice if you want to have a custom fence that is one-of-a-kind. Rod iron materials are known for there durability and will last for generations with only a minimal amount of maintenance. There are a few things that you will need to do to keep up with your rod iron fence, such as painting it to protect it from rust. Durability comes with a price, and rod iron is one of the most durable materials, as well as one of the most expensive fencing materials available.

4. Concrete and Masonry Solutions for Durable Fencing And Fence Foundation Solutions

Concrete and masonry are great solutions for durable fencing and adding custom features. You are going to need concrete to set posts and other features. Have a concrete service install footings for your fencing that will give the fence a protective pad to protect the materials. You may also want to consider fence designs that have partial brick walls that can add to the aesthetic appearance of walls. Today, you also have the choice of stamped concrete forms for the look of brickwork but at a much lower cost, which is great for masonry walls for fencing and other features in landscaping.

These are some great choices of materials for a new custom fence that looks great and will last for years. If you are ready to install a fence, contact a concrete contractor for help with concrete and masonry work to build fencing and protective features for longer lasting fence solutions.  

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