Working With An Architect To Build Your Dream Home

8 March 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you're designing a custom home, you may want to work with an architect. Though you can get some basic ideas of layout on your own, it's an architect who will actually tell you what's feasible, in addition to giving you some advice regarding current trends and options. Here are a few things you need to know about working with an architect. 

Do You Need an Architect?

You don't always need to work with an architect. If you're purchasing an already set home build and just customizing things like floor, counters, and cabinets, then you don't need an architect. If you're using a modular home design and just placing rooms into the layout structure, you probably don't need an architect. On the other hand, if you're building a property into an unusual landscape (such as a slope) or building the property from scratch, you will absolutely need an architect or a designer.

You Will Have Architectural Fees

An architect will usually work with a few different fee structures. They may charge by the hour, on a flat fee for the project, or as a percentage of cost for the project. They may even charge by square foot.

That being said, the fees are worthwhile if you're truly building a home from scratch. An architect does more than just making sure your home is aesthetically pleasing: an architect is an engineer who also makes sure that your home is going to be structurally stable.

You Can Look at Their Portfolio

The best way to judge whether an architect will work well with you is by looking at the work that they've already completed. If the architect is working with a building company, they may have model houses that you can walk through. Otherwise, they will usually have pictures of the projects that they've done. These portfolio images can also be used as inspiration for your own build.

You Should Consider Reviews and Recommendations

Reviews, testimonials, and recommendations are common for architects. A good architect will have previous customers who are pleased enough to give them a good review. If they don't, then you may need to question whether they're experienced enough for the work.

Often, the builder of your property is going to have an architect already in-house. This architect can meet with you, review your ideas, and draw up plans that you can look over. Just make sure that you're happy with your plans before you move forward as it's very difficult to fix things once they're in motion. Contact a company like Young & de la Sota Architects PSC for more information.