Common Problems With Industrial Plumbing And Resolutions

25 April 2019
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Industrial plumbing is nothing like any other kind of plumbing. It has some very unique features, most of which are the source of the majority of plumbing repairs. The following examples highlight the common problems with industrial plumbing components and the unique solutions they require.

Rubber Gasket Connections

There are rubber gaskets everywhere you look in the plumbing of most industrial plants because the gaskets make a tight vacuum seal. The problem is that when the gaskets wear down, you end up with lots of leaks. If there are unsafe chemicals leaking and moving through the pipes, you absolutely want to repair and replace those connections and the gaskets right away. An industrial plumber knows how to do that without causing a major loss in the chemicals flowing through those areas and without putting him/herself (or anyone else) in danger. 

Cooling Chambers

Cooling chambers convert warm air into cold air, and sometimes, they even compress air to create really cold air. A lot of plumbing is required to create these reactions and to pressurize the air. If they fail to do so because the plumbing or the equipment is old and weakened, then the cooling chambers fail to do their job. Most of the time, this means that there will be a major product loss unless a plumber can fix the problem with the plumbing and get everything working again. Usually, it is just a simple pipe replacement or compressor replacement. Then, everything will run smoothly again. 

Industrial Rooftop Water Supply

A rooftop water supply is often collected via rain, and it sits in a tower on the roof until it is needed inside the plant. Pipes running from this water supply are exposed to the elements, which causes them to rust (if they are metal) or wear thin and crack (if they are PVC). If your plant uses such a rooftop unit and method of water collection and delivery, you should have them checked regularly to make sure they are not leaking and in rough shape. The pipes will need to be replaced if they are extremely rusted, badly cracked, and/or leaking to the point where all the water in the collection tower dissipates so fast that your plant does not have enough to draw from when it needs it most. This is in addition to any other plumbing issues that are located on the roof. 

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