Tips To Help Protect Your Central Air Conditioning Unit From Damage

4 June 2019
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Your air conditioning unit is an investment that you'd like to last many years only needing minimum maintenance. When the unit is installed properly and you keep up with the maintenance work, the unit should cool your home for years before you'll need to consider a replacement. Here, you'll find a few tips to help protect the condition of your air conditioning unit.

Install a Concrete Pad

The fastest way to destroy an air conditioning unit is to rest it directly on the ground. All of the moisture and debris that would come into contact with the unit will decrease its life expectancy. Pouring a concrete pad that's slightly larger than the air condition unit will help to keep much of the dirt and moisture away from the working components.

Every now and then, get the leaf blower and blow the dust and debris out from under the unit. This will only take minutes if the unit is positioned on a pad – if it were gravel or dirt, you'd have to reach tools and possibly your hands in places that you'd probably prefer not to. For help in installing your own concrete pad for your air conditioner, contact a company like

Watch Overhead Debris

Are there a lot of trees overhanging the unit? Do you have it positioned far enough away from the house that any overflow from the gutters will miss the unit? Your air conditioning unit is susceptible to damage if you don't protect it from overhead debris. Try to trim branches away from the unit, and if it's positioned close to the house, make sure to keep up with the gutter cleaning so overflows don't occur.

Rodent and Pest Control

Rodents and other pests like to move into air conditioning units during the winter. To prevent the damage that those critters can cause, set child and pet-safe bait traps in the area around the unit. The pests will be attracted to it and will not make it to the air conditioning unit wiring.

Spraying Pets

Dogs just love to lift their legs on just about anything – if your air conditioning unit has been used by a dog or cat to mark their territory, you'll want to take some steps to prevent it from becoming a reoccurring event. This may require the installation of a small enclosure around the unit – just be sure that the unit gets enough air to operate properly.

Hopefully, the tips above will help you protect the investment of a cool home for years to come.