Old Steel Structures And Renovations To Ensure They Last For Many More Generations

27 August 2019
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Even though steel buildings are durable, it may be time to update yours. There may be repairs that need to be done during the renovations to ensure your building is up to date. The following renovations and repairs to your steel building will ensure that it lasts for many more years: 

Repairing Damage and Making Improvements to Protect Buildings  

One of the causes of damage to commercial steel buildings is vehicles hitting structures in loading areas. The structure will need to be repaired to restore the damaged areas, and when the repairs are done, consider improvements to the loading areas. Install protective barriers and bumpers to protect the steel building from damage due to vehicles backing up to loading docks and overhead door areas.  

Updating the Finish of Steel Materials to Protect Them from Wear and Ensure They Last for Years to Come  

The steel finish of your building may be old and worn, which can expose the metal materials to the elements and cause erosion. These problems can easily be solved by giving the steel materials a new protective coating when doing renovations to the building. The new steel finish for the building will also give it a like-new appearance.  

Inspecting and Repairing Steel Fasteners to Ensure They Are in Good Condition and Not a Risk  

The steel building also has fasteners that hold structure members and finishes together. These old bolts, screws, and rivets can wear out over time. Therefore, it is important to inspect all the fasteners to make sure that they are in good condition and replace them as well as any rubber gaskets when doing renovations to your building.  

Improving Old Roof Systems to Ensure They Do Their Job and Keep Water Out of the Building  

One of the biggest problems with old steel buildings is roofing that is screwed down and leaks constantly. Therefore, when doing renovations, you will want to consider options to repair and improve the roof. Options like spray foam and rubber membranes are a great way to improve metal building roofing and energy efficiency.  

These are some of the renovations and repairs that your steel building will need to ensure it lasts for many generations. If you are ready to start renovating a building, contact a steel building repair service for help with the repairs and improvements to ensure that the structure stands tall for many decades to come.  

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