Paving And Decor Tips For A Grand Opening

7 October 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Getting ready for opening day can be exhilarating and a bit scary. You want everything to look perfect for your new customers and the asphalt and decor are the finishing touches that will grant you the freedom to open your shop for the first day of business. Use some strategic planning and talk with a company like Phend & Brown to execute the installation of a patron parking lot and festive decor.

What Type Of Parking Area Will Work Best?

If the business is located on a parcel of land that has been cleared in entirety, you may have the option of adding more than one paved parking area. The front entry way should be adjacent to the main lot, but if there are points of entry that are located on the sides of the business or if you have plenty of property to utilize for the overflow of traffic that you may need to contend with, plan on having a lot installed on either side of the business, as well as behind the establishment.

Once the front lot is filled, customers can drive to the additional lot of the their choice. An asphalt paving crew that provides striping services can assist you with setting up a grid-like pattern that contains all of the parking spaces for each lot. Striping will also include marking entrances and exits, the flow of traffic, evacuation routes, and handicapped parking.

Many standard lots feature an asphalt surface and striping that is aligned at a slant. The slanted design will make it fairly convenient for people to pull in and back out of a parking space and there will be less concern about hitting another parked vehicle, since each vehicle will always be at an angle while it is being driven into or from a parking area.

If you would like to break up the rows of spaces and have traffic facing in opposite directions in rows that are adjoined, add some parking blocks and signage that will assist with helping patrons determine where they need to park. 

How Can Sealant Complement The Decor?

Asphalt tends to fade and get stained after excessive traffic has been driven across it. Heavy rainfall and extreme temperatures can also affect a lot's appearance. If you choose to have each paved surface sealed, you are essentially reinforcing the pavement and preventing premature damage.

In addition, rich black pavement will complement decorative trees, water features, lights, or holiday adornments that you wish to add to the lot. Request that each lot is paved and sealed, prior to choosing what type of striping will be added to the paved surfaces.