How To Be The Dumpster Rental Company's Favorite Customer

19 February 2020
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Companies that provide dumpster services often wish their customers would pay attention to a handful of key problems. If you want to do a better job of dealing with a dumpster rental company, follow these four tips.

Communicate Well

The stuff that goes into a dumpster has to go somewhere, and that means the folks who haul it off need to know what the contents are. Tell the company clearly what your plans for the unit are. This will help them address questions about various disposal issues, including whether the materials can be legally handled by this method. If there are issues, ask how they can be worked around to ensure the waste will be dealt with competently and legally.

Know the Weights of the Materials

Somewhere in your contract for the dumpster rental, there is going to be a stipulation involving overweight units. If your rental ends up being too heavy to haul, the company is going to have to send out an extra vehicle and units to collect the materials. They may even have to commit manpower to fix the problem. That's all going to show up as a massive extra charge on your bill.

They don't like dealing with these things, even if it means extra money for them. A dumpster rental business wants to maintain its schedule, so be nice about identifying heavy items like asphalt roof shingles and iron fixtures. If you're not certain how much stuff weighs, make a pessimistic estimate.

Location, Location, Location

Where the unit will be placed can be just as much of a headache as the content. In addition to the basic problem of getting in and out of a site, you may also encounter regulations. For example, many municipalities have limits on how close a rental can be to the road, nearby sidewalks, or the property line.

It's wise to get in touch with your local code enforcement department to learn if there are any prohibitions on placement. You may also have to obtain a permit.

Make a Clear Path

It's understandable that you're going to have some stuff going on at a location that requires dumpster services. Life for the folks hauling materials off, though, will be much easier if they don't have to navigate stray equipment. Also, try to look for things like pieces of metal that might have fallen out while stuff was being placed in the dumpster. No one wants a punctured tire.

Keep these tips in mind and contact dumpster services like Keith Krupenny & Son Disposal Service Inc for more information.