Creating A Design Theme Around Natural Stone Countertops

4 September 2020
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If your kitchen is in need of a design update, natural stone countertops can create a stunning focal point. You can create a complete decor theme around these counters, highlighting their natural beauty while adding a stunning look to your food prep areas. Here are some ways to coordinate the rest of your kitchen decor to match your new stone counters.

Coordinating Backsplashes

Once you've chosen the color of your natural stone countertops, take a sample to your local design studio or big box hardware store. You can use the sample piece to compare different tile backsplash designs. Look for tiles that pull colors from the swirls of the stone in your counters. For example, a gray stone countertop can be complemented by a backsplash featuring lighter and darker shades of gray. If you've chosen a more bold countertop, consider a backsplash featuring pops of bright color to create a modern style statement. Smaller pieces of tile for your backsplash may work better as a complement to the counters, as they won't create a large focal point on their own.

Contrasting Cabinets

Choosing the right cabinet design is essential for creating an updated kitchen. Consider cabinets that create a color contrast for your counters. Dark espresso-finished cabinets set off light brown or beige stone counters beautifully, while crisp white cabinets and drawers create a perfect contrast for slate and gray countertops. Be sure to keep your overall decor theme in mind as well. Country-inspired, shabby chic, and French farmhouse decor themes work perfectly with lighter countertops, while antique-inspired design schemes benefit beautifully from darker counter colors.

Kitchen Island Focal Point

Adding a kitchen island provides a perfect way to showcase your new counters, so consider working this idea into your new floor plan. A simple island without a stovetop or sink provides extra food prep space while keeping the focus on your counters. You can also create a two-tiered counter for the island, which provides space for a cozy breakfast bar in your kitchen. Work with your contractor to determine the ideal dimensions and placement for your island. You'll also want to be sure you purchase enough natural stone counters to cover your existing counter space and the new island.

Under-Mount Sinks And Built-In Stovetops

Creating a seamless line of counters in your kitchen can truly highlight the beauty of the natural stone. Instead of a traditional sink and stove/oven combination, consider a more built-in look. Under-mount sinks blend beautifully into your counter for a stunning appearance, and a built-in cooktop provides plenty of space for prepping meals without adding a break to your cabinet line. You'll need to work with your remodeling contractor to ensure proper placement and easy access to gas and water lines, or a properly grounded wiring system if you have electric appliances.

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