Working On A Construction Site? Surround It With Temporary Fence Panels Until Your Work Is Done

24 February 2021
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If you are working on a construction site and will move once your job is completed, you want to make sure the equipment and other items on the site are secure at the end of each day. Because the site is temporary, you do not want to pay the money for a permanent fence. Instead, you can use temporary fence panels. Below is information about what temporary fencing is and the benefits it can offer you.

Temporary Fencing Panels

Temporary fencing has individual panels that are available in a variety of sizes and colors. You should choose panels that are tall so people could not easily climb over the fence. Most temporary fencing is made of heavy-duty galvanized steel. The fencing has a wire mesh that is welded with wire. This prevents sharp edges that could harm someone while they were installing the fence panels. Individual panels make it easy to set up the fence and to move it, if needed, after it is set up. 

When choosing the fence panels, make sure they are not too heavy for people to lift if you are planning to install the fencing yourself. Common weights are around 35 to 40 pounds. 

There are also accessories you can purchase along with the temporary fence panels. You can purchase extra panels to add height to the fence. This works well if you only need extra height in one area of the fence. You can also purchase base weights and tie-downs to make the fence panels more stable. 

Temporary Fence Panels Benefits

Besides keeping your construction equipment safe from intruders, temporary fenced panels offer other benefits as well. It can provide safety for people that may come near the construction site. For example, if the site is surrounded by public buildings and a lot of people, someone could venture onto the site and get harmed. This would result in a lawsuit in many cases, which could turn out badly for you.

You can choose fencing that has a reflective coating so it can be easily seen at night. During the nighttime hours is when your site would likely be burglarized. If someone sees the fence this will deter them. 

Temporary fencing also allows you to save money. This is because you would not have to find another storage option for your equipment. It can also save you time as all of your equipment will be in place and ready for you to use when you arrive at the job site. 

Contact a company that sells temporary fence panels, and they can give you more information. Alternatively, visit w website like to learn more.