How to Prevent Your Car Windshield from Fogging During Cool Weather

29 August 2016
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If you have experienced a windshield fogging during cool weather, then you know how frustrating the problem can be. Worse than a mere inconvenience, a fogged-up windshield is dangerous and preventing fogging is an important safety measure to take. Below are a few tips  to keep your car windshield clear and safe in cool weather: Coat your windshield with a homemade fogging inhibitor Before you even step into your vehicle for a drive, take a few minutes to apply a fogging inhibitor to the interior of the windshield and rear window, as well. Read More 

Addressing A Couple Of Questions About Issues With Garage Door Springs

25 July 2016
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The primary spring in your garage door is essential for allowing this heavy door to open and close. Unfortunately, these springs can become compromised, which can cause your garage door to experience a number of problems. If you do not have experience with addressing garage door spring issues, you will likely find the following couple of answers to common questions useful. What Causes A Garage Door Spring To Fail? There can be a number of reasons for a garage door spring to fail. Read More 

Repainting Your House? Why Soda Blasting May Be The Way To Go

17 July 2016
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If you're getting ready to repaint your house and you want to be sure that you won't damage the siding while you strip the paint, you might want to consider soda blasting instead of using a traditional sandblasting media. Soda blasting is particularly beneficial for things like brick siding, because it won't erode the brick itself. Here are some of the things you should know about soda blasting before you decide. Read More 

Keep Your Kitchen Drains Clean And Clear With These Three Tips

30 October 2015
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You might not think very much about the drains in your kitchen until they become clogged. To avoid clogs in your kitchen sinks, use the following tips for keeping your drains clean and clear. Let Hot Water Flow into the Drain after Dishwashing When you have a clogged drain, sometimes it is due to grease that becomes solid over time and starts to build up in your pipes. You might already be aware that you should avoid pouring bacon grease and leftover cooking oil into your kitchen drain. Read More 

Reducing the Sun’s Heat in Your Home

2 April 2015
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Whether you are starting new home construction or you're just looking for a way to maximize your home's heating and cooling, the best place to start is to look up – toward the sun, that is. The sun generates a lot of heat that is rarely used to its potential by most homeowners. When you understand how the sun provides heat and where that heat is directed throughout the day, you can maximize your home's features and design to make the most of it. Read More