Tips To Help Protect Your Central Air Conditioning Unit From Damage

4 June 2019
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Your air conditioning unit is an investment that you'd like to last many years only needing minimum maintenance. When the unit is installed properly and you keep up with the maintenance work, the unit should cool your home for years before you'll need to consider a replacement. Here, you'll find a few tips to help protect the condition of your air conditioning unit. Install a Concrete Pad The fastest way to destroy an air conditioning unit is to rest it directly on the ground. Read More 

Should You Use PEX For Your Home’s Plumbing?

9 December 2018
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Have you decided to replace your home's old galvanized plumbing? If so, you may be debating between which material to use. While copper is always the safe bet, PEX is an alternative choice that may be better for your home. Here are some questions you may have about PEX before you move forward with an installation. What's PEX? PEX plumbing is a flexible pipe, which is the complete opposite of rigid iron or copper. Read More 

The Best Interior Paints To Use With Kids And Pets In The Home

18 September 2018
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Repainting and redecorating your home can be a lot of fun. You can either DIY or hire professional painters and wallpaper hangers. However, if you have children and pets at home, you will need to take that into consideration when choosing paint. The following kinds of paint are best when children and pets live in your home. Fast-Drying Dogs have been known to lick wet paint. Cats will stick their noses and paws in it. Read More 

How to Prevent Your Car Windshield from Fogging During Cool Weather

29 August 2016
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If you have experienced a windshield fogging during cool weather, then you know how frustrating the problem can be. Worse than a mere inconvenience, a fogged-up windshield is dangerous and preventing fogging is an important safety measure to take. Below are a few tips  to keep your car windshield clear and safe in cool weather: Coat your windshield with a homemade fogging inhibitor Before you even step into your vehicle for a drive, take a few minutes to apply a fogging inhibitor to the interior of the windshield and rear window, as well. Read More 

Addressing A Couple Of Questions About Issues With Garage Door Springs

25 July 2016
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The primary spring in your garage door is essential for allowing this heavy door to open and close. Unfortunately, these springs can become compromised, which can cause your garage door to experience a number of problems. If you do not have experience with addressing garage door spring issues, you will likely find the following couple of answers to common questions useful. What Causes A Garage Door Spring To Fail? There can be a number of reasons for a garage door spring to fail. Read More